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if you request a CL increase... do they pull a new Inq?

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This probably has been asked before...

but ...here it goes....

I've never asked for a CL increase......


but do they pull a fresh inq if you do?

Just curious?

Also.... tell us what your story is about requesting a CL increase.

Approved, Denied, how long did you wait after opening the account to ask, how much of increase did they give, etc etc


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I'm sure it depends on the creditor as stated above.

I have a Sam's Club credit card issued through GE Money Bank. The limit was $300. I asked for an increase by pushing the appropriate button in the online account center and got instant rejection (this was a year or more ago and I'm sure my account was close to maxed out.)

A few weeks ago, after paying the card down to almost zero and realizing it's probably been a year since I tried, with perfect payments, I pushed the button again and got a message that they'd increased my limit to $500. I was going to say that they didn't pull a CR but now that I think about it, I am only monitoring my EQ so they may have pulled one of the others for all I know.

The speed of the answer leads me to believe it was an internal-only check, though, like their computer matches, "If balance is equal to or less than..." and "if payment history equals..." I would think that even a machine pulling a credit report would take longer than 3 seconds which is about as much time as this CL increase took.

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