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will this get rid of them??

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Ok tell me if this will get rid of them.

Made packet to send to each CRA which would contain photo

copies of the orig. Bankone/best buy CCs. An old credit report

listing BO/BB as their account, a letter from GEMB,who as you know

claim they opened the account, stating they basicly have no info

on this account and I should contact ARROW if I have any questions.

I also included copys of my court case dismissal for ARROW in hopes

of having them removed as well. And a long letter with ITS.

I also want to state that BO/BB is no longer listing on my

CR as they were the OCs when debt went in default.

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You could have an affidavit signed by God and they won't remove it. Easiest way to get the removal is to work on the FURNISHER, by lawsuit if necessary.

The CRA will not remove it short of a lawsuit, and that's the hardest way to repair credit.

It will only cost you postage plus your time to do it your way though, although I'm certain of the result.

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you make a good point but think of it this way too.

If I send my info to the CBs with all the info Ive recently disputed on that account -because at this time its my word against the furn.

They will see that maybe GEMB is giving them inaccurate info

and hopfully do a better investigation. Iv sent this info to GEMB

and it probley was thrown in a file somewhere and the CBs will never

see it. So now they see it and will(I hope) delete this info if

the furn. cant dispute it.

wish me luck anyway:-)

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I have wrote and finally called Experian about issues and stated that I had already sent them documentation from the creditor. Two different people there told me they will only remove if furnisher removes it. xSteaminx I then wrote a love letter to the furnisher to prove it to me or I would sue after 45 days. 3 days after they received my love letter it was off all 3 CRAs :<img src=:'> ::punk::

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