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Caller ID spoofing soon to be illegal?


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I figured this was the appropriate forum for this news, as CA's are one of the worst abusers of this practice for us.

It's an amendment to the Communications Act:


If I'm reading right, it's been approved?

$10,000 fine per violation. No more hiding behind fake numbers.

didn't read the link yet, but I suspect it's $10,000 per action not violation. Per action - Per suit.

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(i) IN GENERAL- Any person that is determined by the Commission, in accordance with paragraphs (3) and (4) of section 503(B), to have violated this subsection shall be liable to the United States for a forfeiture penalty. A forfeiture penalty under this paragraph shall be in addition to any other penalty provided for by this Act. The amount of the forfeiture penalty determined under this paragraph shall not exceed $10,000 for each violation, or 3 times that amount for each day of a continuing violation, except that the amount assessed for any continuing violation shall not exceed a total of $1,000,000 for any single act or failure to act.


(B) CRIMINAL FINE- Any person who willfully and knowingly violates this subsection shall upon conviction thereof be fined not more than $10,000 for each violation, or 3 times that amount for each day of a continuing violation, in lieu of the fine provided by section 501 for such a violation. This subparagraph does not supersede the provisions of section 501 relating to imprisonment or the imposition of a penalty of both fine and imprisonment.

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