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Update On Credit Repair


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First of all thank you for all of the help I have received on this site. I learn something new everyday. Since I started my credit repair journey:



22 15 22 Total

16 13 19 Derog

17 7 22 Inq


15 11 14 Total

9 8 9 Derog

4 7 8 Inq

Scores are up too!

TU 488 up to 537

EX 494 up to 530

EQ 515 up to 547

(Of course these are FAKO, but they're up nonetheless)

Thanks again, I feel very lucky to have found CIC. 7 deletions down 11 more to go. Most of my stuff are paid collections and chargoffs so wish me luck!!!!!:please:


Crap 1 chargeoff........818.00

Swiss Colony Chargeoff............242.00

Feeling like you've finally gotten control.........Priceless!!

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