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BBB wants a release 4 complaint on Midland

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I filed a BBB complaint against Midland (debt out of SOL, sold to Midland after reporting for 7 years, Midland re-aged & keeps verifying & changing TL, did not answer DV). The BBB says it cannot proceed with my complaint because:

"MCM has indicated they cannot disclose confidential innformatio without your consent. Enclosed is a discolusre form which needs to be signed and mailed back to our offices."

I know I should not supply additional info to CA's or JDB's, but should I sign and send this back? If MCM has anything on this old debt why haven't they sent it to me??


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What about a NC AG complaint?

Debt collectors are regulated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance. They do the investigations, issue the fines and they take their job very seriously. Nothing against Roy Cooper, but NCDOI is who you want to deal with.

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