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AMO / "Nationwide Recovery Service...."


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Hey everyone - I got a MyFICO alert today and look who it's from...it's a hard inquiry from a place called "Nationwide recovery Service"...I don't know who the heck these wonderful people are...so i do a Google search and come to find out, it's a subsidiary of the wonderful company known as AMO Recoveries.

Speaking of these wonderful people, I got a call from a really nice CSR working there...a real nice lady. Unfortunately for me, she didn't actually break any laws...yet.

They're trying to collect on a last-month's utility bill that I had from APR 2002. I paid them on tickets several years back...haven't head form them since FEB 2006.

SOL in WA is 6 years for written contracts and 3 for oral. I'm not sure about a utility bill is a written....or since it was for an apt complex..it's an inherent contract....but I was evicted back then...so should I not even be liable for this???

Just a bit curious on my part...and since they did a hard inquiry (that triggered a MyFICO alert)...ain't that credit poisoning?

What do y'all think?

PS - For those who are wondering...my postage has been slow due to a loophole @ work giving me internet access closing. :(

Thanks y'all!


PS - I just got approved for 8500 on a Jared Galeria of jewelers card with my scores and a cosigner with 750! :p

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