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What does this court listing mean?

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I pulled my husbands suit up on the courthouse dockets. I need to know what the bottom of the list means

Payment Receipt No: xxxxxx9 Total Amount $86.00

Payer: scum

Civil Court Costs: $28.00

Civil Court Facilities: $19.00

Court Computerization: $10.00

Legal Fee-Victims Assistance: $26.00

Legal Research: $3.00

Initial Court Date:

Certified mail#: sent to us

New CVH Case receipt printed

New CVH Case receipt printed

Civil Summons issued to the defendant xxxxxx

06/08/2007 Answer and Counterclaim filed by Defendant's Attorney

Attorney Added: xxxxx

06/14/2007 Date Of Service: xxxCert Mail Ret Unclaimed

'Fail of Service-Certified' processed

06/19/2007 Judge xxx assigned

06/20/2007 Case to Judge xxxx for remand

06/21/2007 Motion to Dismiss recd 6/20/07 from Atty xxxxx (our attorney) and fwd to Mag Ofc

06/27/2007 Pull 7-6-07

06/29/2007 Pl Brief in Opposition to Def Motion to Dismiss Filed 6/29/07 To Mag

What would the bottom 3 lines mean? Does anybody know which direction this is going?

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Just a little backnote on this....Hubby was getting sued by Hawker for Providian with Scum attorney working for them. Suit was filed on 5/20/07

Hear about the suit and hired an attorney.

The same day we hired an attorney, we recieved a letter from same scum lawyer saying he was now representing A DIFFERENT JDB for the same account...Palisades and that he was gonna sue us. They sold the account to Palisades on 4/1/07....seriously..that's the date of the letter that we recieved on 6/12/07.

Our laweyer hurried up and filed answer or whatever before they could change the name. Lawyer also said neither had rights to collect in Ohio.

I am now offically confused by all this. If someone with more knowledge could help me out, you would have all my thanks.

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your lawyer asked the judge to dismiss the case; i.e., say they don't have valid claims against you. I don't know about the pull, but the last line is the plaintiff (CA's attorney) arguments trying to convince the judge not to dismiss the case.

What caught my eye was above that, your answer and counterclaims were sent via certified mail and they didn't claim it. What kind of lawyer refuses certified mail? Maybe your state's rules of civil procedure allow it. In Texas, a lawyer would get in trouble for doing that.

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All this started with a lawyer solitition.:)

We recieved a letter in the mail from an attorney saying that he heard we had been sued in court. He was willing to represent us. I was all confused:confused:

About 1 week later, we recieved a notice on our door for a certified letter at the post office. We didn't go pick it up.

I checked the courthouse and seen where they had filed against husband.

We hired an attorney and he got copies of the papers from the courthouse for us. Was not a answer and counterclaim document.

The document said:


1. Plaintiff acquired, for a valuable consideration, all right, title, and intrest in the credit card debt set forth below originally owed by Defendants Providian.

As a result of the assignment, Plaintiff became, and now is, entitled to the recover the amount loaned on credit card number.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (no numbers at all)

2.There is presently due the Plaintiff from the Defendant for the money loaded on defendant's charge card, the sum of $xxxx

3. The account record are not attached because, upon information and belief (1) Plaintiff is not the orginal creditor and does not have possession, custody, or control of said record (2) Copies were sent monthly to the Defendant, and are or were in Def. Possession, custody, or control. (3) said account records may be voluminous

4. Plaintiff notified Defendants of the assignment and demanded that Def. pay the balance due, but no part of the foregoing balance has been paid.

5. Defendants is/are in default on the repayment obligation.

Wherefore, Plaintiff prays fro judgment against the def. in the amount of XXXX with statutory interest from the date of Judgment, costs of this action, and such other and futher relief as the court deems just and proper under the circumstances.

That was what was in the certified mail. I just didn't sign for it.

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It is pretty common for some attorneys to review court filings and send a letter to someone they see being sued soliciting them. IMHO good consumer law attorneys never do that (LOL they are pretty busy) so I would never use an attorney who did that but it does give you advance notice that you are going to be served.

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New listings on courthouse docket:confused:

06/21/2007 Motion to Dismiss recd 6/20/07 from (my attorney) and fwd to Mag Ofc

06/27/2007 Pull 7-6-07

06/29/2007 Pl Brief in Opposition to Def Motion to Dismiss Filed 6/29/07 To Mag

07/05/2007 Defs Reply memorandum supporting his Motion to Dismiss-to mag

Case to Judge xxx for remand

07/06/2007 Remand to Magistrate xxx

07/09/2007 Plaintiff's Motion to Dismiss Counterclaim filed by Plaintiff's Atty.-To Mag.

07/10/2007 Order set forth: Pull 7-24-07

07/11/2007 Defs Memorandum Opposing Pls Motion to Dismiss Defs Counterclaim recd 7/11/07 and fwd to Mag Ofc

Now I am really confused about what is going on.

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I do talk to the attorney if I can. It is actually my husband's case and he is out of town. I check on the internet frequently and this was updated today.

My husband was backed up at work and wasn't able to call the attorney to find out, so I thought I would just ask y'all.

I figured others might not know and have something similar and this post would help.

SORRY if I bothered y'all with my stupid question.

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Recovering Attorney and IHateCAs - Hire an attorney and then try to talk to him. Others may have had different experiences, but I had to take off work and go sit on my lawyers doorstep to ask questions. Eventually I found out through his secretary that he had not filed my discovery documents until I started asking for the plaintiff's response.

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New updated on the court listings. As usual, my attorney is not in.

07/11/2007 Defs Memorandum Opposing Pls Motion to Dismiss Defs Counterclaim recd 7//07and fwd to Mag Ofc

07/2007 Pltfs surrebuttal brief in opposition to Defs Motion to Dismiss-to mag

07/2007 Order set forth Motion hearing 10-xx-07 9am

08/2007 Pltfs Motion to Substitute Plaintiff-to mag

'Civil Letter' processed


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