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What you'll want to do is go on over to the "Obtaining credit..." folder and do lots of research. There's some great stickies on what cc's to try during the repair process. The ones that I have had to get are as follows and in order of when I got them...

Orchard (secured) cl of 200.00

Crown Jewelers cl of 1500.00

Macy's cl of 100.00

Target cl of 200.00

First premier cl of 250.00

During the first two, my FICO was awful. I was LUCKY to be in the 500 range at all when I got them. I can't honestly call my EXACT FICO, but with research you should be able to find out what is needed anyway. With the last three, I was past 550 or so as I recall.

Anyway, good luck on your quest. Just make sure you review your credit reports thoroughly and dispute erroneous info and work towards that end PRIOR to applying for credit. With me, I did the repair end first--but realized I wasn't going to see my FICO boost unless I had SOME form of credit, so that's why I got those first two and it helped...but I'm STILL in the position where I need to work on my credit, even after all this time. Financial issues helped that crap along, that's for sure. Also, make sure you understand what FICO's are necessary for getting the credit you want PRIOR to applying, it will save you the disappointment, along w/ the hard inquiry on your cr's.


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