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What EQ told me about deletion

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New to this stuff here:hmmmmm: ...I disputed a medical item with EQ as "not mine". It was deleted. Called them to poke around for info. to get the circumstances surrounding the deletion. I was told by EQ that the CA did respond but did not have the proper verification and agreed to have it deleted. My second dispute was with EX. (filed after the one with EQ). Called them and they told me the CA didn't respond so it was deleted. I first found out about this collection on a routine check of my CR. I never DV'd them. They're calling like crazy now. From what I understand by reading some of the other posts, this would give me leverage against them calling me or re-reporting it unless of course it was validated. But if it has been deleted allready should I go ahead and DV them anyway as a means to get them off my back? I've looked at the posts and can't seem to find anything that addresses what one might do in this situation. Any info is appreciated...:roll:

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