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what constitutes errors of debt

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I have a few on the reports that say I live in the wrong state, it says Texas, I live in Kansas, never lived in Texas can I dispute this with the CRA? saying Not Mine or incorrect information?

One report has XXXX amount, the other report has same company with a different amount, different LPD. Same original creditor and same time frame just months off in LPD

Another item says I owe a city I never lived in...I owned a house there and the tenants did not pay the bill. I did when I was contacted, but it has been on my credit even though it was paid right away...I disputed this online

What kind of errors am I looking for? Should I tell them what the error is? and can they just correct and resubmit them?

We are not talking alot of money here...I just want to do this as fast as possible

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