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Can someone help me with this? I got a letter from portfolio yesterday that reads : I am writing in response to your recent dispute. However since you have previously submitted a dispute this is substantially the same a one previously submitted by you and we have already responded to this dispute, then as per the FCRP 15 uscs 1618s-2(A)(8)(F)(ii) we are notifying you that such a dispute is frivolous or irrelevant.

If we continue to receive subsequent correspondence from you regarding a dispute that has already been resolved we will consider your inquiry answered.No further replies will be forthcoming unless you provide the information we need to assist you.Our office considers this matter closed.


Disputes Department

1. they never sent me anything

2. how could it have been resolved

3 I thought that frivolous was just when you were requesting from the cb

Have i done something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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