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Battling with Collection Attorney's Office


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I have no idea about how to deal with this debt collector .

I'm dealing with Law office of Donald S. Burak. First of all, when they first contacted me they call my In-Law's house and got my phone # from them.

I called the office march, 2007 about citi card and mayors account they have.

My debt was $8180.06 for citicard, $1364.44 for Mayors. (I know I only owed $3000 to citibank back in 2003 when it first went to collection )

They agreed to settle $5000 for citi and $900 for mayors if I pay them in full within 30day, I couln't do it. I went on a payment plan, Paid $2460 in 03-07,

$110 for 04/07, 05/07, 06/07 and settle rest of the amount after june payment.

I never validate my debt with this people, because I was so embrassed about them calling my in-laws again.

Today they call me and wanted to settle both of my accounts, citi $4000 and mayors for $500 and I have to pay this amout until 8/30/2007 and wants my checking acct information. So far, I told them to call me later in the day because I was busy. NOw I don't know what to do..

If I settled them with this offer, I would be paying total of $7290.

I know I didn't start off smart way.

I post above a last week.

Today, 7-1-07 I sent them a DV letter for this account. Agency call me L/m today saying that if I don't call them back today it'll be settling in court.

I don't know why, I panic again and called them. Told them I don't want them to call me again just send me anything in wrighting. Now this guys are mad, saying by law they have a right to call me everyday from 9am-9pm. If I don't settle this accounts voluntary, they'll put judgement against me and at that point I need to come up with total of somewhat 8000 in two days.

I hung up then. So now What do I do next. If they are able to DV my debt. How do I Settle this account with them now? Should I get a attorney for myself? Thank you for reading my long post. I like to get any advise that I can.

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Is citi still reporting the account on your cr? I'm going to guess no and assume a jdb bought your account. I know it doesn't help now, but you should have never paid a dime, since the account was sol or very near sol, based on the info you gave. I wouldn't do anything besides dv them now, it's unlikely they'll be able to validate the account. I don't know if your payments have reset the sol, or if the fact that you started making payments would be somewhat damaging to you in court even if they had little else regarding documentation. Someone else can chime in with more definitive answers, but I wouldn't worry about being sued by these clowns, they're just trying to scare you, because they saw that it worked initially.

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