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Can I Lose my Dogs and Cat to BK?

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I had asked a similar question on the BK forum, but received no answers, possibility the wrong place?

Under New York Bankruptcy Exemptions, Personal Property, I found this: <<domestic animals with food to $450>>.

What does this mean? Is the $450 for both the cost of the animal and the food?

My questions:

Dog 1 was bought for $425. She's spayed. She would be OK under the above law, right?

Dog 2 cost $1500 and is 3 years old and un-neutered. He is being shown in the breed ring.

Dog 3 Cost nothing (honestly!) and is just beautiful and should get her championship in the show ring without problems.

As far as the cat goes....well, she's a cat. :speechless::speechless: She has a doctorate degree in Annoyance.....and practices this all day long.

While dogs 2 and 3 are not proven, they probably would produce very nice pups. (although I am not going to breed them) Would I lose these two dogs to ch 7? If so, what would happen to them? Could an exception be made so I could keep them if I had them "fixed"?

How do they figure out what an animal is worth?

I found the above info in regard to my mention of "up to $450" on this site:


BTW, I live in NYS and receive SSD plus a small earnings from self-employment.


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And IFF they even think of this--great press. You go down to the local dog pound and you arrange delivery for the animals directly to the creditor--Can you imagine???

There is no way anyone would try to take my animals--I do not care how much debt I had....don't worry about it.

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the birdy is right

they dont want your pets or the responsibilty of them.. they want cash.. pure and simple.. she is right.. you have nothing to worry about.

However, we know most people with lots of animals place an abnormally high value on them. Seizing their pets would be a nice ploy to get them to pay up.

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All I can say is if someone tried to take my pet, I'd lose any shred of civility I had left and they'd spend the rest of their life drinking their food through a straw.

Which is why pet owners would be a good target for that sort of thing. You are irrational about the dollar value of your pets. If you tried anything like that with the sheriff deputies around, you'd be in deep **** along with everything else going on.

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