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Validation inquiry to Creditors Financial Group.


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I've not paid anything on a credit card debt through Bank of America since early 2006. It's listed as charged off.

They sent a CA at me Oct. '06. I sent inquiry for validation and heard nothing back. I ignored it.

I started receiving phone calls from Creditors Financial Group on 060507. Received letter from them re: their client, B of A dated 061107. It says they've been trying to reach me numerous times. by phone and mail.

This is the first letter I've received from them.

I would usually just send a letter asking for validity, but their letter has nothing in it about my right to notify them within 30 days of my dispute. They have a few questions re: my correct address, phone number, etc, and a computer generated figure of the Principal owed.

I'm writing them to have them stop calling, and ask for validation.

Are they in violation of FDCPA by not mentioning anything about my right to ask for validation within 30 days?

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