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700 club!

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PLEASE tell us your story....4 months and your already into the 700's

Let us know how you done it!!

I have to be honest; my cr's weren't that bad. My total debt was about $1300. I never had a credit card before, no mortages and no public records. I had about 10 med and utility collections on my cr. about 7 of the 10 accepted my pfd letters, the other I paid and then disputed as inaccurate. Since they were listed as unpaid (but were actually paid) and most were older then 4 years the cra just deleted them. I still have one stubborn pd collection on my equ cr that I'm working on BUT even with that my eq score is 688. I think when I started my scores were in the high 500's........so I've seen quite a jump in 3-4 months.

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Congratulations on your score!! Imdoingitright welcome to the club.

congrats to you. and to be in the 700 club with exp is definately an accomplishment.

Actually my first report to hit 700 was my exp as well when I was at 711 on exp I was only at 630 on Tu and my equifax was even lower. Experian is the easiest to tank in terms of new credit. The inquiries do kill.

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Great news and well done!!!

It's great when you see that score rise. I was at 555 with EX on 5/31. I checked my Fico yesterday and I am now a whopping 760, I couldn't believe it.


Wow texan, congratulations to you too!! That is a huge change in only 1.5 months.

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