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Anyone had experience with a Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union?


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Has anyone had any experience with these guys and negotiating? My boyfriend has a significant amount of outstanding CC debt with them (his car is with them too) and after mistakenly going with a credit repair company, he's in pretty big trouble. He was told by one repair company that b/c his debt was with a Federal Credit Union that they wouldn't even take him on as a customer, but then another company told him they would and he signed up. After defaulting on his payments for 3 months and getting a repo letter on his car, he called the credit union and they said they didn't have to negotioate b/c they are backed by the government. He has continued making his car payments but stopped paying on the CC's totally because he just can't see a light at the end of the tunnel to pay down his debt. He's giving up and resigned to waiting until they report it to the CA's and then another 7 years to get it off. Any suggestions for dealing with this Federal Credit Union or any FCU for that matter? Thanks in advance!!!

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