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"scheduled To Fall Off Dates...."


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I have Crap1 reporting on 2 CRA's but the "scheduled to fall off" dates are different by 1 year. Which should I go by? Or should I dispute it? But then again, I would wake a sleeping dog (maybe) because one of the dates is June 2007.....the other date is Sept 2008....

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Depends on when you went delinquent as to when it falls off. If they are different, they sure aren't "complete and accurate"

So what am I to do?

TU says Crap 1 item to be removed 8/07

EX says Crap 1 item to be removed 1/08

This item was opened 1/01

TU-Date of last payment was 9/01

EX-Date of last payment was 1/02

I'm confused....I really want to see this corrected/taken away...

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