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Help with Charge offs and Judgement


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I have few things I need help with it.

Judgement (Public Record): that I went to court for after moving out of my apartment. The landlord was trying to make me pay for extra stuff. Went to court and only ended paying for about half, but ended up as a judgement on my report. How can I get this removed? I have already tried to remove but verified it belongs to me.

type:small claims judgement

date filed: 7/05

status date: 9/05

date reported: not on record

Ford Motor Credit: Reported only 1 30 day late the entire length of the loan. All payments showing on report go back to Feb-02 but no lates in that time period. I have disputed onine but they also verified as correct.

Date opened: 8/98

Date of status: 2/04

last payment date: 1/04

Account status: Closed

Cal Student Aid( student Loan): Loan for school

Status:Paid account/was a collection, insurance claim or government claime was terminated for default

payment history: 3/05-Charge off/Collection/bankruptcy

Capital one Bank: Account paid in full for less than balance not on record.

date opened: 11/99

date of status: 3/05

Status: Account legally paid in full for less than the full balance

30 days late: 2

60 days late: 2

90 days late: 6

So I have obviously dispute all but all verified.

I would like to have these removed if possible.

Please help with advice or direct me with links. My Fico right now is currently 657. But trying to up to get a house.

Thanks in advance.

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