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Debt validation/credit report question

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Hi There-

New to the board. Quick question. I am currently in the process of validating a credit card debt with a third party collection agency (ie the original credit card company charged off my debt to the agency). Today I checked my credit report, and the account is listed on there under the credit card company as "charged off as bad debt/referred to collector" or something like that. There is nothing on there from the third party collecton agency. Now my question is, should I be successful in getting the collection agency to discharge/close the debt, will that mean that I will be able to get the item on my credit report now (from the credit card company) deleted, or is that on there no matter what now, since the original cc company is pretty much out of the picture? In other words, assuming I am successful in my dealings with the collection agency, will that result in the original item being removed from my report, or just mean that no new item--from the collection agency--will be put on there?

sorry if I didn't explain that clearly, but please let me know if anyone has any ideas.


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