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Crown Jewelers Closed

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Wow-sorry, I hear they do this. If you don't buy from them once a year or whatever...

How badly do you need the tradeline? If you need it, go ahead and try to reopen it, but make sure you buy something from them and make regular, timely payments. I purchased something for under 300.00 and am making payments, just wasn't willing to spend TOO much on jewelry that I can't see up front. I'm glad I did to because they won't report my 1500.00 CL, they'll only report 500!!!

I am unsure how this will effect your FICO, probably not by much because creditors won't see that it was closed by them unless they do an actual LOOK at your credit file (at least that's what I've been told in the past). Perhaps someone else has some perspective on this.


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Thankfully, I checked my email about 2 weeks ago and they sent me notice that would happen if I didn't purchase by June 30. Of course this email account I check once in a blue moon! :oops:

so, I ordered something for $70 and kept it open. At least awhile longer. :roll:

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