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Need some quick help in PA!!!

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I received a certified letter today from my local district justice's office stating that a civil complaint has been filed against me listing the plaintiff as RJM Acquistions LLC. I am due to appear in front of the DJ on 08/03 (the date these forms were printed was 06/28/07 but they sent it to my old address, so I did not receive them until today).

RJM is suing me for 993.66 listing the original creditor as Household Mastercard. It says on this paper that I have to call the DJ's office to let them know if I want to enter a defense and I must appear at the hearing in order to present my defense (so I am ASSUMING I should not file my answer on paper to them....tried to call them but they are already gone for the day).

Here is my question...Since they have already filed a civil suit against me and have already given me a court date, is there ANYTHING I can do as far as requesting information from this RJM Acquisitions to validate this debt? I have not heard anything/received anything from these RJM people until today. To be totally honest, I dont even remember this credit card!!!

I tried calling Household Mastercard today to get some information on when the last payment was received, and no one could give me an answer. They transferred me again and again but the department I needed to talk to apparently was not available. I am assuming I am still within the SOL just by what my credit report is saying.....

Revolving Revolving Revolving

Account Number: 91500608XXXX 540791500608XXXX 54079150XXXX

Payment Responsibility: Individual Individual Individual

Date Opened: 02/2003 02/2003 02/2003

Balance Date: 09/2006 03/2004 08/2006

Balance Amount: $0 $982 $0

Monthly Payment:

High/Limit: $981 $0 $981

Account Status: Collection Collection Collection

Past Due Amount: $0 $982 $0


Any help anyone could give me is really, really appreciated!!!!

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Do not ignore, start mounting a defense, if you feel as though things are over your head contact NCAC attorney in your area. RMJ must have proof that the debt is yours, signed contract, cc receipts etc. sale of assignment fro the OC etc. start reading and searching here in this community also check and see if RMJ is licensed to collect in your state. good luck

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I actually have "some" experience with dealing with this type of creditor. I fought Household Auto a year ago after a repo, doing it all on my own, and won but I guess this sort of freaked me out since basically I have to defend myself in person, not with writing in an answer to the court (or at least that is what this paperwork is saying). What do I do, just go into the DJ's office saying "Ok, prove that I owe this!" I have absolutely NO paperwork on this debt other than what was just served to me today, so what should I bring in with me to the DJ's office?

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You'll do fine, go to the sample motions and defense stickeys, do some searching there and you should be ok ADMIN has a wealth of info and sample defenses that can help get you started. Remember with the defense you are mounting you are putting the burden of proof on the CA that they have strict proof that this debt is yours, they purchased the debt legally and are licensed to collect in your state. I did some checking and it appeared to me that they don't even have a license in your state if you reside in PA. check here to be sure: http://www.residentagentinfo.com/pennsylvania-resident-agent-info.html

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Sorry about that. When I saw your post there was nothing at all highlighted blue and just said "check here to be sure" then nothing! LOL :) Thanks for the link!!!!!

OK, I just looked and there is no RJM Acquisitions anywhere on that site. What does that mean for me?

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