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EX and Target.....WTF happened?


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I sent a GW to target awhile ago - got told hell no. Sent another one asking for reconsideration - same thing.

Checked my EX report and this crap shows up as a "potentially negative item":



PO BOX 673


No phone number available Account Number: XXXXXX


Paid,Closed/Account charged off. $0 written off.

Date Opened: 04/2002 It was paid insettlement back in 2003

Type: Revolving

Credit Limit: NA

Date of Status: 07/2007 Terms:NA High Balance: $295

Reported Since: 06/2007 Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: NA

Last Reported Date: 07/2007 Responsibility:Individual

Recent Payment: NA

Your Statement:


Creditor's Statement:

Account closed at credit grantor's request. It used to say "Settled in full less than full balance, NOTHING ELSE.

Account History:

Charge Off as of Jun 2007 It was charged off WAY erlier than that...back in 2002.

Is this change a result of my GW letters?? It's got MANY innaccuracies and so I'm just thinking I'd send a nice "you're reporting CRAP" letter to EX. I don't think dealing with Ms. Barbie girl Waltz over @ Target would help.

What do y'all think?

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I would have it investigated and you might want to watch out that they didn't send the balance that didn't get settled to a CA. Sometimes that does happen and here is the snafu. If they sell off the difference to a CA and they try to collect from you, the IRS also considers that difference as income that needs to be reported in your taxes the next time you file. Isn't that a wonderful case of double dipping? If you have any of the original paperwork? I would say to dispute it with the CRA (Verify) and send them whatever you have as proof of when it was actually charged off.

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