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DV End Stage Question...

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I have completed DV on a very old (8-10 years) CA account and long story short, the debt was reported a few months ago but is not currently reported by any of the three credit bureaus, however the CA is still sending me requests to settle.

I am concerned that the debt may "pop up" on my credit report again if the CA continues to contact me. Also I would prefer not to receive letters anymore from said CA.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It won't pop up.

SOL is how long they have to pursue you in court. 7 years is how long they can still report (longer than SOL), then after that they can call you and mail you letters all your life unless you send them a Cease and Desist or FOAD letter.

Technically how long you owe a legitimate debt is, until you pay it or die. Fortunately they only have a short window they can do anything about it.

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