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received statement of fraudulent application


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Hi.. have been away for awhile.

i had that problem with goodyear... i had sent letters twice and disputed with CRA and sent copies of green card that goodyear never verified with me.

i did call Goodyear and they told me they do not have any documention to send me and nothing for the so called payment of 40$ i made last year. never made any such payment.

They sent me a fraudulent application form to sign.

the letter reads, we need your cooperation. also states the account is closed, but nothing that it is deleted from CRA.

Question... Should I sign this ? Can they take my name and paste it to a agreement ? And to file a police report and send it to them with the officer's name. My husband was a cop for 30 years, they would laugh. A report means nothing he told me.

i have been working on this for 2 years to get this removed from CRA.

got a credit report last week and goodyeard was verified again.. thanks, Carol

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No, but i have sent proper letters for two years and cannot get it off credit report. Sent CRA letter as well. Afraid they will cut and paste my name to a contract. Carol

If this is not yours, and I mean someone used your name or otherwise managed to charge something to your name, you have the option of filing an identity theft affidavit. The tradeline must then be deleted. BUT ... if there is even the slightest chance it's yours ... don't even think about it.

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