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Removing US Bank Late Credit Card Pays


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I'm a joint user on this account at USBank

The person who I was depending to make the payments on time, DIDNT!

The account now reports late 3 months in a row (90 Days Late)

The account is now closed.

Do I make minimum payments or just pay in full?

How do Remove this tradeline

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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"joint user" or "authorised user"? Very different things, very different possibilities as well...

I just disputed a few 30 day lates (from Nov 05) on my USBank CC with EX and they updated to current, never late (like it said on other CRs)...

Try disputing with the CRAs first, then maybe a letter to USBank if you're just an Au on the account (as it's not your responsibility)...

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If it's that recent probably it won't do you a bit of good.

You should try and GW to remove the lates, or since you're a joint user (and therefore also legally obligated to make the payments on the card), you should see about making payments to them if they'll get rid of the lates..."gee i didn't know this irresponsible person I cosigned with didn't make the payments...and now it's draggin' me down with him/her...I want to clear this up as quickly as possible..."

You said it's already reporting as closed?? A paid/closed is better than closed/90 days late (where they may go after you with a CA, thereby adding a neg tradeline).

Doesn't hurt to ask you know.

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