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Is this a new Dunning? From OC? Orchard...


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I disputed HSBC NV online which came back verified.

However, I received in the mail on Orchard Letterhead:


Recently we received a dispute from one of the three major cra's stating that you were disputing your reported acct info. we have completed our investigation and identified the acct. in question as your Orchard Account, which has been purchased by another lender. Because at one time your Account was owned by HSBC Bank, formerly known as Household Bank, the item on your credit bureau report may be identified as HSBC BANK FKA HHLB.

If you still dispute this item, you may write to us at:


You are important to us and we appreciate your business (???). Any questions call xxxxxxxxx and refer to reference number xxx-xxxxxx


Orchard Bank Mastercard CSD


Ok, so I'm confused if I DV now, which I guess you don't since it's an OC. Am I supposed to try for PFD with OC now?

I was going to DV with HSBC the CA until I got this.

Any advice???

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You can still dispute with OC. Sometimes you get the golden egg out of them. I did a dispute with o/c questioning the ownership of the account. basically, I said with the addition of a FA on my CR I want to make sure everything listed is mine..

They sent back a letter saying "the account was sold to JDB blah, and we don't have any records of the account"

Or basically they gave me legal evidance for the next time I dispute and they "verify".. It worked. I sent a copy of that letter with my dispute to EX and they deleted!

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I disputed a Household account of my wifes. It was just showing lates and is a derog, never sold or CO and I got the same letter back. It is not a dunning letter in the sense that you have any DV rights against HSBC since they are the OC. They are just responding to your dispute and saying to contact them if you believe they are incorrect. I think this is a good tactic for them to do. It could protect them against lawsuits since the FCRA states that if you want to dispute against the data furnisher, you must be specific.

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Well also I wonder if they'd take it back for a PFD. They are not reporting as themselves, only the CA, so it might work as a PFD if they let me go direct. It's like $300 roughly which I could do now... though it does drop off in Feb 08.

That old, probably isn't worth the PFD. I've found that my score only moves a point or few when aged negatives drop off. I only see significant jumps with new negatives that get deleted.

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