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Removing My Negaitve Items from CR


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Hi Everyone,

Like other people on this site I am going to document my journey on my credit repair. First, some background on my credit... I was 10K in debt about 3 years ago. I couldn't pay my bills, so I just stopped paying them. In just one year the penalties added up and I was now 20K in debt as of 2005. All my accounts were charged off and I had many CA after me.

I was able to hide from the CAs and finally paid off all my debt except for 1300, that I still owe ARROW.

I just started my disputes with the CRAs on July 9, 2007.

EX = 3 CAs and 6 COs SCORE= 598

EQuifax = 2 CA and 6 COs SCORE= 589

TU = 3 CAs and 6 COs SCORE= 589

I sent a dispute letter to all 3 CRAs asking to investigate 3 OCs on 7/9/07. I mailed these Certified Mail With Receipt Request.

I also disputed online to EQUIFAX 3 separte OCs from the letter i sent in. I am not expecting anything, from this, but it is worth a shot.

I will wait and see...

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Yes they are still within the SOL. However this is from memory, and I am not sure as to how to exactly find out the original day of deliquency to calculate the SOL end date. Is there a way to find out when my acounts went deliquent?

You could call the CRA's and ask what date they are using to determine when they will remove it. You can also send a DV to the CA's and ask for that info or contact the OC.

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Today is 7/12/07

I just sent 4 DV letters to the following CAs.

Arrow Financial

Kenneth Eisen

Collect America

RAB (not on any credit reports)

I also sent a dispute letter to TU to verify the following Accounts


CHASE/Bank 1

GE Money (i disputed this on the phone yesterday)

Kenneth Eisen

I already disputed Arrow and Collect America in my first letter to TU.

My original and first letters i sent on 7/9/07 to the 3 CRAs have not arrived yet (i disputed 3 accounts on each)

...Waiting sucks!...and this is addicting!

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