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summons and being judgement proof

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First let me say hello to everyone. :)++

I have been tied to my computer for days now trying to find the answers to my question, so far no luck. But I did find help with other questions here so thank you for that.

My problem:

I was served with a summons to appear in court for some medical bills that I'm not even sure are mine yet. I plan on getting a VOD letter out to the CA in the next few days. My time is limited since I have to file an answer with the courts by next Wednsday. The amount they claim I owe is $191.26 including the interest. I do not know how to respond to the summons. I have been unemployed for over a year now. My only income is from child support which is less than $600 a month. I have a checking account that is a joint account with my boyfriend and his checks are direct deposited into it as are my child support checks. I do not own any real estate, I have 1 truck that hasn't been licensed for 10 years because it doesn't run, and another car that hasn't been licensed in over a year for the same reason. What does it mean to be judgement proof? How should I answer the summons? Is there any way to stop them from getting a judgement?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Just because your are "judgment proof" doesn't mean they won't get the judgment. They will....this way, when your circumstances change, they can go get their money.

First, have your BF (and you) get you off that joint acct. They can and WILL seize the $ and it will be hell for him to prove it was HIS $ and then you get those nasty NSFs and late fees on bills he paid.....

You have been unemployed for over a year.....why? I have an EE degree. There was one point, after a layoff, I took a job at JCPenny to earn money - my hubby and I worked different shifts to avoid daycare costs.

Also, if you are unemployed, you could potentially have your CS raised based on changed circumstances. Have you looked into food stamps/WIC? That really helped me back then.

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1. Get off the joint account. That will get taken fast.

Also, in CA child support payments are generally exempt from judgment. Put the funds into a separate account (Jane Doe custodian for little Billy Doe).

Asking for validation of the debt is pointless at this time. Respond to the summons since you have 30 days (or less).

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