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Just starting: Disputing late payments and COs


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I am just starting the credit repair process. I have letters ready to go. I am disputing every single late payment on my report. I admit that most of them are accurate. I am sure some aren't. I am not providing any documentation the first time around. Is there any harm in trying? Anyone have any luck doing that sort of thing.

I have one account that shows a past due balance of almost $500, and is listed as a charge off. The thing is, the creditor has not charged off a dime. I settled with them to pay the full balance ($2900) at $150 a month. I have kept to the plan, and have knocked the balance down to $2300. If I agreed to pay the full balance instead of pennies on the dollar, is that a charge off? I disputed the fact that the account is a CO, the past due amount, and the late payments on the account. Am I doing the right thing here? All help will be appreciated!

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