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First Post- Great Site-judgement

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THis site is great. There is lots of good knowledge here.

I recently closed on a refinance on my New York home.. My credit is excellent with no judgmenets or collections. The title company found a judgment/lien on my title report from 1992. Since it was not showing up as satisfied they collected $2000 to hold until i provided them with an satisfaction letter. This judgement was filed by FCC NAtional bank ( which no longer exists due to merger), represented by Cohen & Slamowitz ( collection agency).

I have paid off this debt but i cannot locate the reciept.

I have contacted Cohen & Slamowitz multiple times and they were unable to find any record of this judgement. I went to the county clerk where i picked

a copy of the judgement. Even after i sent this to Cohen & Slamowitz, they were having trouble locating this file.

I just would like to get my money back from the title company. I don't understand why a judgement from an old credit card lien would appear on my title. This judgement does not even appear on my credit report.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

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