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How to respond to this validation ?


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Resurgent wrote to friend as their validation:

This account was acquired from LVNV.

At the time the account was acquired from Sears, Sears advised that the balance owning was $x.

What a garbage "validation." They just pass it around.

What would you do next?

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You'll get that more of that than actual validation Here is what I write:

Thank you for your timely response to my request for debt validation dated 01/01/2007. Unfortunately, the information you sent in your reply dated 01/01/2007, is of no legal value and does not met the requirements set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I'm sure you are intimately familiar with the law, hence I will not quote it for you.

Once again, I have no knowledge of this account. If you want me to pay this debt, you must prove:

1)That I owe this debt;

2)That I owe this debt to YOU.

Unfortunately, your word on the matter is not acceptable proof. The data in your computer system does not meet any acceptable standard of proof either. Please send applicable documentation, if available. Copies of original documents are required. No doubt the error was just an oversight, however it is at my expense. At the writing of this letter, you still have xx days to send proper validation.

If after that date you have not validated the debt, you must delete any reference to this debt from any and all credit reporting agencies and cease your collection efforts. If you do not or will not comply, I will assume you are willfully disregarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act and are acting in bad faith and for the purpose of harassment.



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That is their form reply letter to a dispute. It's basically a stand-off now. You can probably have some success by continuing to annoy them with letter writing and complaints to AGs and the FTC.

However if you want to really clarify the issue, wait for further collection attempts and file suit.

Assuming your dispute was timely.

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I sent a real nutcase one for my daughter a while back over something like that.

Last we heard from them. I posted that one over on the Queen of Nutcase's

thread. Of course it was way past SOL and didn't belong to her anyway..but it sure was fun to write.

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