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Taking Matters Into My Own Hands...


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I was until recently using Bradley Ross Law as my credit repair agency. I am fed up with their efforts having seen no results so i just canceled the service. i have been reading and reading and reading on forums such as this one and others to gain knowledge. Before I cancled Bradley ross, they disputed an item on my trans-union report. i got that report today and the item is "verified, no change". so this is what i plan to do:

I have a bank of america account that was:

9/2001 opened

11/2003 closed

04/2003 date paid (im assuming this was the date it was purchased by another lender)

12/2003 date verified

i am not past SOL, that wont happen til 03/2010. so i plan to send a hand written trans-union and ask them to verify this account. once i get the usual "acct already verified, this is a frivilous request" i will then send a notice to bank of america asking them to INVESTIGATE my acct, not VERIFY my acct.

im hoping bank of america will not investigate my acct (because it is so old now and has been sold to another agency), so then i can go back and tell trans-union and maybe have it deleted.

do i have this right? am missing something? any suggestions?

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Yep, ask the OC to investigate. This is what I write.

Re: Acct #123456789 (As reported to Equifax (or whichever CRA))

Recently, I disputed a report made by you to Equifax. You verified the following information as valid:


I have no knowledge of this account and therefor, pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act § 623. (a)(8), am request an investigation.




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