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Greetings from an old pro and recent experience


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I have been doing credit repair since the 80's. I had a company that grew quite large from 1992-2000 and I worked indepentdently until 2004. Yes, I charged a fee, and Yes, I got results. I even had a handful of real celebrity clients and professional athletes. Most clients were referred by mortgage companies and other lenders. I knew the grandfather and grandmother of credit repair. Dick Black (always dressed in black, prob. dead now) had a room fulla gals with typewriters in the 70's when the FBI decided to take a look at him; he beat the rap. Pearl Polto, God bless her, (over the hill and not that insightful), has a book on QVC and has been on many TV shows, from Phil Donahue way back when to present. She still has a talk show on AM radio. The best was an attorney who now lives in St Kitts named Mickey Weintraub. They taught me the rudiments........, but many things have changed. Thank God for CIC! It has kept me up to date.

I have no interest in soliciting business, but as a loan officer I do coach many prospects and aquaintences.. My FICOs are 700+, but I'm still working a few items. Thought you might like to hear some recent experiences.

Equifax is unbelievable! All 3 are shameful, negligent, abusive, incompetent and utterly despicable! I've never recommended online or phone disputes, but I decided to try them on my on files.

I disputed EFX online 6/10/07; of course I had to pay the vig to join them in order to do so. I received email results Sat 6/09/07. Nine deletions. I had three BOA tradelines (actually for only 1 acc't) come back verifed that had shown 5/07 as the date to be deleted. They also showed 3 collection accounts as having been disputed by me that were never on prior EFX reports

They were however, on the other 2 bureaus. All 3 they showed deleted. I got on the phone with some nice fella from abroad who actually spoke decent english. He put me on hold 7 mins and told me the 3 BOA accts weren't on my report. I asked him to mail a report indicating the deletions.

Two days later 6/11/07 they printed and mailed a report showing 3 BOA deletions , but with yet another CA that was never previously reported; again it had been on the other 2. Same day I initiated a dispute on the phone and last week it came off after DV at the same time I disputed.

On 6/25607, I get an alert from True Credit. Suddenly appearing is a TL from Chevy Chase for a collection they had removed in April. The other 2 CRAs showed dates for deletion as 4/07 and 9/07. They're off TU and EXP. I never disputed this with EFX, but in April it wasn't there. I immediately got on the phone again with India or where ever! and I explained that EFX must have deleted the entry in April because it was obsolete and that Chevy wouldn't have deleted it. I told them that the have to notify me in writing of any reinsertion per FCRA/FACT. THEY SAID THEY HAD NO RECORD OF DELETION. I asked them to pull my report from March and they said that's impossible. I know that's BS! I wrote them a letter received 6/30/07. Today get a letter stating item researched, verified, contact creditor. It shows date of last payment 9/2000, DLA as 6/2001, and get this, date first major delinquency reptd 5/2007. I got on the phone again and told them they illegally reinserted, and beyond that they are willfully reporting info that they should have known to be inncorrect prior to reporting, ie info that a little kid would know is incorrect. I'm very articulate and knowledgable, but they double talked and ignored me so bad I hung up. I know what to do...more postage and time.

I will try to share some of the techniques I've used in the past that haven't already been discussed.

I read this before, but I'll say it now: I think CMRR pisses them off and causes them to be more likely to stall and ignore. I use priority w/ conf. Tried both last 5 months.

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