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How did they get their name on judgment after the fact?

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Hi, All,

I searched for this and didn't see it. So, if I am repeating, please forgive me.

Two months before a judgment against me was to expire, I was contacted by a CA for what I thought at the time was a BR account from when my business failed many years ago.

I researched and research and asked for DV etc. They sent some documents that gave me the court case number and I found it on the Internet court summary.

Somehow, this business whose start up was 5 years later, managed to have their name installed on this court case all the way back to the original lawsuit.

My question is: Does anyone know how that could happen, other than by nefarious and illegal ways?

Other than that, the judgment is expired and they have changed the dates so it is listed on my CR. I have been following all the steps in this and will continue. But I keep wondering about that one fact? How did they do that?



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Thanks, Mom of 5.

One company was media utilized for advertising for the business I had that failed. The other is simply a CA.

So, I keep thinking things like fraud and collusion between court personell and the CA who might simply be doing judgment collection.


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