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Qualify for the 600 club


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Disputed all badies on June 28. Have not yet received formal leters with the good news yet (I know it's way to early) but pulled all three scores from myFico and this is the result. When I first decided to begin this journy on April 29, 2007 when I got a letter from HSBC that they had increased my rate to 28% after pulling my Eq report. I pulled my Eq fico and it was 561. I found these boards and began working on it first. As I began to see small increases at there I then began disputing other CRA's. EQ has gone from 8 bad tradelines to 4, Ex has gone from 7 to 4, TU has gone from 8 (on 6/05/07--wish I had bought that score) to 4. Cap 1 has said good bye on all three acounts (aged off) Providian is gone off of Ex and Eq and recording as never late, no balance, and current status as OK. Americredit has changed to never late on Eq but still reporting 10 lates on TU and EX. I have sent a good will letter. Thanks to everyone for posting your Ideas. What is here does work.

TransUnion 624 Date: 7/13/2007(fico)

Equifax 609 Date: 7/14/2007 (fico)

Experian 618 Date: 7/13/2007(fico)

Equifax 561 Date 4/29/2007(fico)

Experian 527 Date 6/22/2007 (faco)

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