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Need some advice please


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Hey guys I'm new here and need some advice please.

I am 22yrs old and live in Florida.

Right now I am going though divorce and have around 11-14k $ in debt.

Between divorce and not having enough salary to pay all bills and live its been crazy. Ive been paying mortgadge for a place that I dont even live in (wife stays there).

But hopefully in 2 weeks my divorce will be final.

If so I will have around 15k to pay off. 2 credit cards and home equety line.

Right now my credit score is around 750 so I guess I could take a little hit.

What do you guys think if I consolidate all of those cards and loan under one card like say american express with fixed rate of around 5-7% for life of the ballance. But what I really want to do is see if the credit card company will settle with me for half of what I owe them. I guess my question is what is better to do consolidate all debts into one and try to settle or settle with each institution individualy.

I make 1600$ a month and half of it goes towards mortgadge each month so I dont have much room to breath. But Ive been thinking of puting the property for rent ones my divorce is done (asuming my wife will let me keep the condo which has no equity in it). This way I will stay with my parents in mean time and pay off my debt.

Please please please some one tell me how this sounds or sugest something else maybe.

Thank you

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