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Is my debt validated?

Guest gohsthb2

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Guest gohsthb2

I sent a DV letter to the CA. In it I asked for:

1. Complete payment history

2. Signed agreement between myself and original creditor

3. Letter of sale from the original creditor to the CA

4. Intimate knowledge of the creation of the debt by the collection agency

What I got in return is:

1. a letter from them stating that they are including documentation from the original creditor and that the documentation establishes the validity of the account.

2. a copy of a privacy notice

3. Affidavit of Ownership and sale of claim. Basically a 3 part note that says. 1 the person writing to note works for the CA. 2 the account number and amount owed as of 5/25/05. 3 that the account and all proceeds thereof are now owned by the CA

4. a copy of a check from the CA to the original creditor amount $410. marked payment for the account of MINE.

5. copies of the 5 bills previous to when they say they bought the account.

My thinking is that they are still just saying that they own my account but they have not 'proved' it to me. I have recently had a law firm run a credit check on me, so I think they are going for legal action next. The amount they say I owe is ~$9500. What should I do?


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The affidavit is worthless. I am not sure, but I think that a case could be made that the JDB is only injured to the tune of $410. QUOTE]


That can actually happen? I know JDB pay pennies on the dollar for accounts but always thought they could still collect whatever the balance with the OC was. So its possible they can only collect what they pay for an account?

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