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Sue for negligence of FCRA?

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I am suing a few OC's and it looks like the FCRA only provides stauatory relief in the event that an OC willfully damaged my credit report not negligently.

The basis of my suit is violations of the FCRA without being too specific right now.

It looks like only the FDCPA covers that and these guys are just OC's.

Any thoughts?

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FCRA 623b is your best friend. If you disputed and they failed to:

- conduct an investigation

- review the info provided by CRA

- report back to the CRA

- report to the other CRAs if they find any incomplete inaccurate info

- delete, modify or block inaccurate info

- complete the investigation within 30 days

... you get the idea.

Under FCRA you have no private right of action for them providing false info whether willful or negligent, but you have to attack them for not following each and every step outlined in 623b and it will most likely be a willful non-compliance.

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