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Since I joined this site. I have been able to clean up my credit by disputing online, DV etc. All of the talked about stuff worked. So I decided to give Bumping a try.

I started pulling my updated credit report daily from TRUECREDIT on 6/19. When I started I had 16 inquiries on my TU Report. After pulling my report for good 47 days I finally saw 2 inquiries get bumped in last 2 days.

It also happens that the ones getting bumped from TU Report are the oldest first. So the first one to go was from 9/6/05 and second one was from 10/31. Lets see if 3/13 and 4/6 comes off next. So far it makes perfect sense that oldest will start dropping first.


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Very interesting and long posts....went back to cajun's reference threads as well. I had all my Eq removed via online last month. Have sent CMMR and have received letters back from 7 stating inq will be removed as well. Thought I wouldn't pull for scores until the dust settled around DV's to see where I am. Definately worth a try in the very near future, urban legend or true. What do I have to lose? gain? I will take points any way I can get "em! Thanks for the info! :D

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