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Motions To Strike

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From reading this forums and a couple of others, I understand that I can have certain documents stricken due to heresay. Also, from what I understand, one is perjury -- because it's an affidavit from a JDB employee stating that he has complete knowledge of the debt, recordkeeping, etc.

I'm sure that somebody else has already posted a "sample." Can somebody please direct me to another post or help me with my wording?

PS: I turned in my amended answers, affirmative defenses and counterclaims, along with an opposition to summary judgment. I just wanted to say thanks to all that posted -- because I sure did learn a lot!

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Here is some more info that is requested in one of the pinned topics above.

I'm being sued by a JDB in circuit court. I sent letters of validation when they sent me letters stating they owned my account. They never responded.

I don't recall ever having such an account. If so, it would certainly be SOL. (I thought that I had paid off all creditors in the late 80's.) Just in case, I have pled this defense in my pleadings.

They have attached the alleged OC's credit card agreement, a purchase agreement between a different OC and Unifund that does not have any sort of authenticity attached, a bill of sale from Unifund to JDB, a spreadsheet they created with little information except last payment date (they say it was 05/02!) and amount due; and a notarized statement from their company saying that they can testify to the accuracy of this account, blah blah blah.

I really need to Motion to Strike all of the above under heresay and get that sent off to the court this week. Can somebody please help???

I am having to fight this case pro se. My boyfriend and I just simply do not have the income to hire an attorney.

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