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7 30-day late pays on old paid/closed account

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Help Me Somebody. I do realize there are a ton of threads out there relating to "removing late pays", however I have one account that I just simply cannot get relief from, and although I'm a big boy and accountable for poor decisions made in the past, I am truly hoping someone can offer me a new or fresh idea to get one particular account cleaned up.

I bought a new 2001 Ford truck in 2001 (naturally). I financed the truck through Ford Motor Credit. In 2003, I opened a new business and faced some difficult "cash flow" months, leading to a string of 30-day late car payments...............7 in all.

I paid the loan off completely in September of 2004, but the 7 30-day late payments are still there on both my Experian and Equifax accounts.

Ironically, I disputed through TU and FMC failed to respond, thus the account is dropped off of TU.

I have disputed too many times with EQ and EX....to the point were they won't investigate anymore.....and probably for good reason. It is frivolous, I'm just trying to luck out with them as I did with TU.

I have sent letters to every executive board person, CEO, COO, CFO, etc, etc. In fact, I sent 13 letters in all asking for mercy to all sorts of BIG WIGS.

Now what. It's been closed for 3 years, but the 7-30 day lates are killing me. Any new and/or refreshing ideas for removing lates on either EQ or EX?

(Sorry for bringing up an age old question/topic/thread)

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