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RCW codes for Washington

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OK I need to know if I am going in that right direction. My wife has 3 medical collections on her record of which they were all paid to the OC. On her CR they say paid. She called the collection companies to get statement they are paid and their statements say they were paid (CA). This was after they ignored our written response. Before this I was digging around on the RCW's and found RCW 19.16.110 stating licensed is required to act as a CA in the state. The next RCW 19.16.430 Violations states if no license penalties and return of fees. It states "a fine of 500 and return of monies to the owners of the accounts on which the moneys were paid". Am I tp presume I cam now sue the CA for the 500 and get my money back since they are not license. They are also verifying it on my credit reports. What other violations are they in??

Thank you for your information.

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