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Professional Credit Corporation? Sacramento, CA

Severus Snape

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Hello Everyone,

Longtime lurker, first-time poster (under this user name, anyway). I've searched extensively, but cannot find any information on this agency (name in itself is an oxymoron--or just a moron).

Their telephone is in the 916 area code--they did not leave an 800 number to return a call, and spoke with my mother (who I've not lived with for almost 20 years) saying that there was a "legal matter" I must speak with them about.

My sense is that this legal matter has nothing to do with the right to bear arms or the war in Iraq. I've looked at Hibbs and Ripoff Report, my own credit reports, and ain't nothing there.

Anyone heard of them? I will send the Avada Kedavra curse their way (equivalent of the FOAD/C+D)!

Thank you much!

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