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Now the collection Is listed As Alltel fron AFNI for 1,189.00 Date reported 2/2004 account type OPEN NO status No date closed and comments are collection account

Next Is collection Co of america for Alltell NEW 2nd originial amount 1,034 dated reported 8/2002 balance owed 1,417

now if i dispute, will they update the records and start the reporting process over, I know the SOL expires in july 2008 at least with experian It does.

How Does AFNI report Date opened as 2/2004 on 1 CR but NA on another is this a violation, If I dispute it wont they correct the one thats wrong and say there its fixed NOW pay US

How can One report date opened On 1 CR but N/a On another

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I had tons of duplicates on my credit reports. This is how I got rid of 2 and 3 seperate companies both claiming them.

When you dispute online they have the block where you enter the name of the Collection company.

I put something like this in the same block. I think it works better when they are added on the same line together.

Creditors or Collection Companys Name: LVNV Funding/Hawker Financial

Account number: 1111111/22222222 these are dups.

These are not my accounts

They would delete one and leave the other. Then I just figured whoever got left was the real collector on it. I disputed again and usually they got deleted.

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