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I DV'd, What is sufficient proof?

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We live in Washington State.

My husband was contacted by a CA about an old credit card debt. He responded by certified mail a request for DV. He was sent a Declaration from Cach LLC and copies of his two last statements (showing no activity). (It is interesting to note that the Declaration states that this person "reviewed all the records kept in the course of business and has determined the debt is valid" yet if they sent us everything they had, she certainly could not have made that determination from what they sent us) He sent another letter requesting stating that the information we received was insuffient to verify the debt and per the FDCPA he would like a breakdown of the debt, a proof of assignment, the date of last activity and copies of his agreement with the credit card company.

The CA responded by filing for a Default Judgment saying that he had not responded (incorrect) and actually listed the debt as being greater than what was shown on the last statement. As attachments they included the two page agreement (without signature). (Cach LLC also began reporting this to the CRA's prior to even notifiying us of the action and we have proof of this)

Should we respond to the request for Default and file it with the court and ask that it be dismissed because they have not provided us with the information needed to verify that the debt is valid or should we just go to court with copies of our letters and CRs and asked for it to be dismissed? Please help, our court date is August 8th.

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