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Influence CAP1's Decision???

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Well I believed (belove?) I was waiting for a Cap 1 card since they sent me a second app asking for photocopies of my SS and Utility bill, which I did.

So today I get a thin envelope stating they cannot grant me credit at this time due to:

- Based on the application information for "CleverCynic", application submitted is incomplete or cannot be verified.

If you feel you have additional information you wish to submit to us that might influence our decision, feel free to write to us at the address listed and include this reference number...

SO, I'm assuming the ID request was due to the fraud alerts, but do you suppose I'm supposed to write to them that I KNOW there's a fraud alert (sort of like how Target hinted around), or what?

Or do you think they're inviting me to beg?

I'm tired of the mail... does anyone have a phone number to their new credit accounts department???


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Well I just called them and was told the app was declined. I guess I'm expecting a 3rd letter from them.

What I don't understand is why they asked for more information twice just to confirm I was the person they intended to decline?

So I only have 3 very old baddies on my reports at this point, and I understand CAP1 to be sub-prime. They invited me to apply again in 90 days, but when those fall off I wouldn't go to them, I'd go to Citi or BofA with my pristine credit... so go figure.



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