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how can they do this?!

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I recently wrote to the forum about my account being frozen, because of a debt, the advice I got was to check credit report which I did, the debt was charged off in 2000, but they still got my money, what can I do, this really has me in a big puddle, because as you know when they froze my account there was the checks that had been written, and ya'll know what happened with that, bigggg trouble!!! anyway someone please help, I live in Ga thanks , bluebelle52

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I completely agree w/ the posters that recommended getting legal counsel. I'd do so IMMEDIATELY. See if you can't still do something about the judgment...or is this debt now "paid" since they pirated your bank acct?

Also, don't forget to contact all the folks you wrote those other checks to that way those don't go into collections or what not...

Good luck and seek that attorney immediately. Oh...and did ya close out the account?? I'm so sorry this is happening.


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