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received some sort of validation yesterday

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I DV'd American Agencies for an old phone bill from Pacbell. They sent me copies of the last 6 months of phone bills. After looking at them they are in my name at my sons address. He does owe it but you know what they say about turnips. I am not going to pay this bill either. I am responsible though. I gave him an apt with utilities for 6 months while I was in Rehab. He paid the rent and utilities but not the phone. The closing bills never even came to me. I certainly am not going to sue my son for the phone bill.

The closing bill way May 02. Definitely out of SOL. I couldn't afford to pay this if I wanted to and the can't sue me. Should I just send them an FOAD and wait for the 2 yrs for it to fall off? Or should I ....I don't know. Everything I thought I knew kinda went out the window when I saw those bills. At least they can't reage my debt now I have the last few bills. I am seriously pissed at my son though. He was only 21 at the time, which is no excuse. Any ideas?:idea:

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Well, if you can't pay it, and he won't...then your only real choice is to ignore it. Send them an FOAD (which will give them the choice of either dropping it (and selling it to another JDB) or sue you). Just keep an eye on your local courts to make sure they don't slip a suit by you...

I know CA has some consumer friendly laws...I don't know what they are, but you might want to look into it.

In most states, SOL only means that if they take you to court, and you show up, and you raise the SOL, and the judge accepts it, they don't win. Doesn't mean they won't try...

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