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Here We Go Again Kiddies!!

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Well folks.. long time no see

Thought I would inform you of the latest

Filed a Federal Lawsuit againt Asset

Experian and Equifax over phonebill that was ex hubbys

Asset is reporting installment acct, 120 days late.. open on EX

Reporting it as in debt settlement BK13 on EQ

with 519 due and raising the balance every month

disputed verified

disputed verified

then told I cant dispute even though they keep changing the balance and the account type and info

it was originally 363 dollars... sued a CA last year over the same account..they sent us a fat check, then sold the account to Asset.

So I will tell you how it goes!!!

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Incorrect reporting of the debt (Acct type, balance, date of acct)

Legal status of debt

no written communication regarding the debt

thats asset

EXP and EQ

Not letting me dispute incorrect item

letting asset report incorrectly.

same stuff as always

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OK guys and gals..

EQ and Asset have both replied and want to know what they can do to make me go away.

I was denied a business credit card due to the BK statement on my report (Atty has copy of denial and proof that they only pulled EQ) This was after they verified as accurate...

I also pay a poop load of interest on my mortgage.. now I know part of it was due to me being self employed and havin lower scores.. but I know this account didn't help my CR at all as they reported as installment loan, factoring account and increased the balance monthly. And updated the date of delinquency to 2005 from 2003

Gimme some figures... Attorney told me to start tossing numbers around.. what would YOU guys ask for???

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