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Please critique my MOV letter


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Equifax CRA

P.O. Box 105518

Atlanta GA. 30348

CERTIFIED MAIL: 12345678998765432100

Dear Equifax

I recently requested a investigation regarding Amerifirst Home Improvement account # 123456

At this time, per FCRA section 611 (a) (7). I'm requesting the description of the investigation procedure, or method of verification

In accordance with regulations imposed under the FCRA, I hereby demand that you supply me, within 15 days of your receipt of this notice, the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of anyone you contacted to verify the information reported in my credit file during your investigation for the following items:


Be advised that I do not believe the reported items are accurate, and I fully intend to use information you supply to challenge this information directly with the reporting entities. If I am unable to contact the reporting entities with the information you provide, then it will become blatantly apparent that you are either withholding pertinent information from me, or did not properly verify the information you claim was verified during your investigation.

If you continue to report this inaccurate and unverifiable information I will seek whatever means available to ensure my rights are maintained including filing complaints with the FTC, my state's attorney general, and pursuing litigation.

I have enclosed a copy of my drivers license a proof of identity


Barney D. Fife


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I must say, aside from some minor grammar erros, that is a perfect letter. You make it clear you aren't messing around without being a prick (which I think can actually hurt your chances of success). I am going to use this as a template for my own letters to the CRAs.

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